Sunday, January 11, 2015


ALOHA Readers!
So due to Facebook being lame and giving me the security code thing again. I'm going to be working off of TEAM ALOHA's Blog. Only reason I'm going to do so is because the last time facebook gave me the security code, my account got shut down. So I don't wish to have to go and make a new e-mail and re-add everyone n' everything. I hope you understand and that you guys come check out me and Devin at:

Team ALOHA SL Blog

Come on by and before you know it, maybe we'll be back here with a ton more of goodies for all the ladies. Cause you know us girls we can do some damage shopping. While you're there visiting Team ALOHA, we've put out a new post featuring Biscuit Clothing and Fishiowl Poses, so feel free to check that out. I'll catch you all there :)


Johnny And June by Heidi Newfield